Sunday, 22 May 2011

films 21-25 and the beat goes on...

Right so im back typing on the good all trusty lap top again getting this thing up to date is a lot more work than i originally expected, i have decided to shorten my posts so i can update a little quicker but dont worry faithful readers i will still include the same amount of boring waffle!

So after the last bunch of ridiculous sad heart wrenching films i have decided i must watch more light hearted ones if i intend on making to the end without having some kind of emotional breakdown or doing too much of this..

If im honest i didnt choose wisely with my first choice!

Film 21 Love Happens,

A self help Guru falls for a florist only to realise that he hasn't delt with the grief of his wife passing, this was a new take on the rom-com genre, but unfortunately for me their was a lot of grief thrown in too. some very powerful scenes mixed with scenes of comedy made this film different to most, it flowed well and the pain felt real. tears were flowing once again really need to start manning up on this challenge!

4 stars

Film 22 When in Rome,

An ambitious New yorker goes on a trip to Rome  for her sisters wedding where she steels some coins from a fountain of love. Only to find that the men whose coins she stole fall in love with her and aggressively pursue her. finally a light hearted film! this was pretty average but had some good moments. it was pretty standard stuff but was a nice break from the doom and gloom i been watching so far! it kept me entertained what more can you ask for from a film?

3 stars

Film 23 the other end of the line,

An Employee of a Indian call centre travels to San Francisco to meet a guy she fell for over the phone. Okay so an indian girl travel to america to meet some guy she falls in love with over the phone, im still unsure whether that is romantic or a little creepy. the romantic in me will give her the benefit of the doubt as im sure we may all do something silly at sometime for love. as for the film its your basic boy me girl formula which works. Hay its the reason so many of this type of film exist right? i think the reason why im waffling so much about this film is that none of it really stood out for me it was pretty standard.

3 stars

Film 24 legally blonde 2,

Elle woods tries to ban animal testing, thats this film in a nut-shell. Finally a light hearted feel good film that was really good. if you like legally blonde you will love this as good as the original, i enjoyed from start to finish everything about it was cheesy but thats the beauty of it, it didnt try to be something it wasnt plus it gives me an excuse to post a picture of Rees Witherspoon on here :)

4 stars

Film 25 28 Days,