Friday, 20 May 2011

lets begin at the begining!

Okay so lets get started first things first im Andy,  a month or so ago a friend of mine dan decided he was goin to watch 250 sci fi films that he has never seen before in a year, I thought this souned like a splendid idea and a challenge that i was more than up for. After discussing the challenge in the pub with a few friends they pointed out that im not a big sci fi fan and after a bit of banter they quite kindly came to the conclusion that i was a bit soft so i should watch 250 chick flicks!

At first i thought easy i enjoy a good chick flick every now and then and a bit of light hearted romance never hurt anybody. i told a few of the girls in work my idea and asked them to help com up with a list of films that i could watch my enthusiasm for this challenge soon dropped when the suggestions came flying in thick and fast and i realised that i have only seen pretty mild chick flicks and there was a good reason for me not watching films like steel magnolias or beaches!

But never one to back out from a challenge on Sunday the 17th of April i sat down to watch the first chick flick of my challenge!

So the plan was to spend a lazy sunday afternoon watching chickflicks, this all got disrupted when we had a really hot summers day so my sunday consisted of a bbq and ice cream on barry island beach with my good friend Claire 'Amazon' Shepherd and the womens rugby team. Looking for inspiration i told the girls about the challenge and they decided i should write a review of every film  i watch as proof that i have watched them. Again another thing i agreed to without thinking it through! thank god i have an iphone as this has helped me write notes no end.

Right so after a long day and a lot of