Saturday, 21 May 2011

so the challenge continues....

Okay so ten films in the bag and i was feeling good, people were offering to watch films with me, lend me films and the suggestions were coming in nicely. I was off to a flying start a week in and ten films done my target is about 4-5 a week so im flying. Enough of the feel good bigging myself up and on to business.

the following bank holiday monday i get invited round my friend Adams house for a bbq a few cans out the back chilling it was real men behaving badly kinda stuff obviously we get to talking about the challenge and decide to watch a movie i tell him it has to be a chick flick so we end up watching film 11!

Film 11 Easy A,

A clean cut girl uses her schools rumour mill to raise her social standings, basically she pretends to be a bit loose to get more popular then the geeky kids start paying her to pretend she slept with them to raise they're social status but where does it end??? i really enjoyed this film i found the format different to those i have seen previously. I also liked the references to other chickflicks especially the reference to say anything!

4 stars

This film was followed by top gun so we could go back to being manly men! Although the debate still goes on whether or not top gun is a chick flick? There is a lot of love story in that film plus the homo erotic volley ball scene! Luckily i have already seen Top gun so it would count anyways but i will let you decide!

Film 12 Mona Lisa Smile,

Julia Roberts delivers once again as a 50's art professor teaching in a conservative girls school, the girls in the school all dream of becoming housewives but julia opens their eyes to they're true potential and shows them there is more to life than finding a husband. I wasnt expecting to enjoy this film as much as i did. it was entertainment with morals. plus it has gennifer goodwin in it and im starting to develop a crush on her!

5 stars!

film 13 save the last dance,

a white girl moves to Chicago, with her ballerina back ground can this white girl learn to dance hip hop style? yes. film done. i was very much underwhelmed by this film, everything seemed pretty standard and run of the mill. But not the worst way to pass the time. Although it was very mediocre.

2.5 stars

Film 14 Four weddings and a funeral,

Classic Hugh Grant comedy, A comedy drama about a group of british friends the title says the rest! i enjoyed this film did what it said on the tin, not the best rom com ever but certainly  not the worst will admit the funeral scene did get me and almost stole the show. Did the basics well.

3 stars

film 15 the greatest,

A young couple get together after high school but their romance gets cut short when he gets killed in a car wreck. Her mother gets sent to rehab, all alone she discovers she's pregnant and moves in with her boyfriends family. This film was really good a massive tear jerker, but really sweet at the same time i really felt for everyone in this film.

4 stars

Film 16 fireflies in the garden,

Ryan Reynolds reflects on his abusive childhood at a family function, this film had some really sad moments in it as you seen the abuse the lead character had to endure whilst growing up. Im not really sure what the point of this film was it was very slow and very dull the only parts that stood out for me were the slightly disturbing scenes of abuse. Not a film i will be watching again soon.

1 star

Film 17 Leap year,

A girl follows her long term boyfriend to dublin to propose to him on leap day where its tradition for the girl to pop the question. She meets a loveable Irish rogue whom she pays to take her to Dublin, comedy and disaster ensue. This film could be very insulting if you were Irish as it takes the stereotypical Irish persona even more extreme than PS I love you! The only thing missing from this film was a leprechaun! saying that it was quite a polite enjoyable watch a little predictable but entertaining none the less! must give a special mention to Louis the unsung hero of the film!!

3 stars

Film 18 rachel getting married,

just out of rehab kym attends her sisters wedding. Thats it, this film was shot like a wedding video of somebody you didnt know, or even care for. probably the worst film i have ever seen! there is so much footage that should have been left on the cutting room floor! the only good part is when kym punches her mum!! Anne hatherway what were you thinking????

0 stars

Film 19 An officer and a gentleman,