Wednesday, 13 July 2011

films 51 - 55.....

Okay so i promised i'd update sooner but as i have said before life is pretty hectict with work and rugby training and the move coming up, right enough excuses, on with the show!

After the last update i mentioned the comment box and the winner of the win a date with Andy prize is Mark!! a crazy redneck we have planned an extra special trip to the cinema in August when he's over from Canada next, stay posted for updates!

on with the films then

Film 51 Textuality,

This is a classic tale of player meets player and fall in love, its given a completely modern revamp where there flirting and just general lives evolve around there blackberries, (if only they had an iphone!) I kinda like the idea of this film and thought it had a lot of potential, but the substandard plot and the fact that you dont really feel for the main characters leaves the film feeling like its missing something, In this mans humble opinion and my judgement may have been clouded by the company that i watched the film with, but it wasnt terrible and passed the time fairly well. its not great dont get me wrong but if its on it may be worth a watch.

2.5 stars

Film 52 She's outta my league,

Beauty and the geek romcom, so a less than average guy meets the perfect woman but his lack of confidence and influence of his friends and family soon begin to pick away at the relationship. This film was pretty funny and a wee bit emotional. This film basically tells americans that beauty is from within because they need reminding of these things. Again pretty solid effort not quite superbad or knocked up but one to look out for!

3 stars

Film 53 17 Again,

Okay so we now the formula Matthew Perry plays a forty something who's life hasnt quite turned out as its expected, when he gets transformed into a 17 year old (played by Zac Efron) now he has to relive high school and help his kids at this difficult time. As much as it pains me to admit i actually quite enjoyed this film zac effron won me over the film is fun and entertaining for the entire family. its never gunna win an oscar but its thats kinda the point.

3.5 stars

Film 54 Frankie and Johnny,

Johnny has just been released from jail and gets a job as a cook in a cafe, where he meets Frankie a waitress who is bit of a loner stuck in a massive rut. Johnny falls in love with Frankie but can he win her heart? First up this film has Al Pacino as the lead! in a romantic drama!!! I really enjoyed this film its acting is flawless and its a really moving story of boy meets girl. maybe there is someone for everyone.

4 stars

Film 55 Weather girl,

A seattle weather girl finds out her boyfriend the shows morning anchor has been having an affair after an on air breakdownshe has to move in with her little brother and re-build her life. This film was pretty average had some good moments but nothing really stood out for me. The film sticks to the standard formula and is fairly predictable, has its moments.

3 stars

right so thats another five films down,

Time to start getting ready for work as ever if you enjoy what you read let me know spread the love!

Love  and Peace xx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

films 46 to 50!!!! we are getting there!!!!!!!

Welcome back after another long gap in updates i do apologise, will try to be a bit more regular with this thing but life is pretty hectic at the moment! however the challenge will except no excuses!

Before we move on to the reviews i just wanted to talk about a show i have recently discovered, that i maybe a little obsessed with its called Man V Food, its presented by Adam Richman who is my hero he basically travels around America eating some of the greatest dirty sexy food! its on the good food channel all the time. check it out and tell me what you think!!

Also this week i have been to two rugby presentation nights the second of which saw Barry 2nds collect our trophy for winning the league! so this blog is now written by a champion! it was a really great night out and thanks to all involved.

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Also i have noticed that the comment box remains empty so to encourage someone to actually leave one i have decided the first person to leave a comment wins a trip to the cinema with yours truley to watch a chickflick! i may even throw in some popcorn!! (orange wednesdays of course!)

Right enough waffle and self promotion!

Film 46 your so cupid,

Okay so twin sisters in high school who love to play matchmaker, fall for the same guy. the once inseperable twins turn rivals in a bid to win his affections, oh and their dad used to be cupid (the guy with the bow and arrows) the film starts off light and breezy but soon becomes silly and annoying. i understand that the target audience for this film maybe teen girls but surely we should give them more credit thanb this tripe? no? the plot was waek at best and the characters were not very believable or likeable. about half way through this film i started to look forward to slating it in my blog!

2 stars

Film 47 Breakfast at Tiffanys,

This film follows Audrey Hepburn a New york socialite who chases after rich men, when she meets George Peppard (yes Hannibal smith from the A-team!) the two do some flirting for an hour an a half, and thats this film in a nut shell, i quite enjoyed it thought the film had a certain class and elegance to it plus Audrey's a fittie! And steels the show with her rendition of moon river. This film i think is a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it!

4 stars

Film 48 Failure to launch,

Matthew McConaughey plays a 30 somthing slacker who still lives at home with his parents. showing no desire to move out his parents decide to hire sarah jeesica parker a interventionist who believes she caqn get him to moveout... Pretty original storyline and quite a well known cast throughout this film. Especially Zooey Deschanel who is amazing as sarah's deadpan friend, I especially love the scene where she tries to buy a gun to kill a mocking bird. comedy gold. as for the rest of the film was pretty standard stuff but good at being average!

3 stars

The next film is one of my friend jens favourite films. Ever since the challenge began she said i should watch it, to be honest i was a little sceptical at first but with some of the trash i have watched i thought i'd give it a go so one night instead of hitting live lounge we decided to stay in with a bottle of wine or three and watch Film 49...

Film 49 Rent,

This is a film version of the musical rent it follows eight friends who live in new york city struggling with life, love and aids, This film is a really rollercoaster of emotions from the high highs to the lowest of lows it really does have it all the cast are really good and the characters were not only believable but lovelable and kept you hooked. some of the scenes in this film are really powerful and moved me more than once. singing about sorrow is a lot move moving han talking about it!

5 stars

Film 50 Moulan Rouge,

a poet falls for a coutesan whom a jealous duke is producing his play. i really not sure about this film and feel i should watched it a second time maybe because i was tired but i really didnt get it, it all seemed a little bit too bizarre for my liking i did enjoy ewan's version of elton johns your song but the rest of this film i struggled to get into,

2.5 stars (i struggled to come up with a rating because it was so strange)

So finally hit the big 50!! thank you, thank you, your too kind!

Whilst we are on a musical number i went to see avenue q on friday. It was quite simply amazing one of the funniest things i have seen in a while If you get the chance to see it you should you wont be disappointed. think sesame street for adults and your half way there!!


Cheers guys

Peace and Love xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

films 41-45...

After the amazing response to yesterdays update i found it fitting to crack on with another update! obviously you know the drill by now if you like what you read tell your friends leave comments etc, i would like to know how i can make this better,

Chick-flicks are starting to take over my life but its all good still enjoying the challenge even if it is becoming an obsession! so in the words of the black eyed peas "lets get this party started!" see im hip!

Film 41 Candy,

Heath ledger takes the lead in this tale of two lovers addicted to heroin as much as each other, and there attempt to live a normal life. Think trainspotting meets romeo and juliet and your on the right track. The characters in this film are really strong and its there underlying goodness that makes you feel for them as their lives spiral out of control. "Everything we ever did we did with the best of intentions." Not for the faint hearted, but a really good piece of film.

4 stars

Film 42 Meet Joe Black,

Anthony hopkins plays bill, a very successful millionaire, but his time has come, Brad Pitt plays death who turns up to collect him, they make a deal where bill will show death what life is like on earth in exhange for a little extra time. Brad Pitt is awesome in this film, the pure wide eyed innocence of seeing the world for the first time is truely heart warming, The message in this film is purely to not take life for granted and to enjoy the little things especially peanut butter! i was captivated for the whole 3hours of this film a must see!

"Mulitply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever and you will have a glimpse of what im talking about."

5 stars!

Okay well to slightly epic films down time for something a little more light hearted!

Film 43 Management,

This is a off beat rom com with Jennifer Aniston who plays a travelling art sales person, who tries to shake off flakey hotel manager Steve Zhan who falls for her and wont leave her alone. This film isnt good but its not bad, the characters seem out of place in there own lives and maybe in there roles but this does give the film a slight endearing quality which makes this film watchable. I have started to enjoy the different ways writers keep coming up with the boy meets girl formula. Maybe im just in a good mood?

3 stars

Film 44 Extract,

First up this movie was written and directed by mike jusge the same gut that brought you Beavis and butthead and king of the hill. Jason Bateman owns an extract plant where he finds himself in more and more unusual situations, weather its setting his wife up to see if she will cheat, or having an affair with mila kunis. Ben Affleck sports a dodgy haircut as his drug fueld side kick. Another film that does exactly what you expect, nothing more nothing less.moments of comedy mixed with drama etc etc another sold 3 star effort

3 stars

Film 45 Dear John,

i was quite looking forward to this film im not sure why but it looked quite sweet in the trailors i guess. Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried fall in home whilst Channing is home on leave from the army and his special forces unit. The pair keep incontact through letters. Channings character John is the one that makes this film, the hardships throughout his life which he usually deals with in good grace.  The film is pretty good, again strong likeable characters. Still unsure if i like the ending or not but a faily good soppy love story

4 Stars

another 5 films in the bag, still taking me a while to get used to this blogging malarky. so what you guys think so far?

getting ever closer to the big FIVE O and that would be a fifth  of the challenge done you like my maths there?

Right time for breakfast and to get on with my day! as ever please leave feedback all messages are greatfully recieved.

Peace and Love xx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Films 36 - 40......

Hello there, time for another instalment of the 250 chick-flick challenge! first things first i updated the layout and colour schemes etc what you guys think? as always feed back is always appreciated.

sooo where was i?? ah yes chick-flicks! okay lets get straight down to it the first film this week was one i have tried to watch before but i have never managed to watch it all the way through, not even half way! it is a long film after all. So picture this its a sunday morning and i wake up far too early for my liking turn on the tv and discover this film is just starting. In my infinite wisdom i decide to watch the film hoping i will get bored and go back to sleep, i have never been so wrong! i had no intention of attempting this film for the challenge but since i watched all 3 hours of it its in!

Film 36 The sound of music,

Right so we all know the story, Julie Andrews plays a nun who leaves the convent to be a governess to the children of a naval officer. I actually really enjoyed this film it pains me to say, it was a touch long, but it held my attention well (the fact i really didnt wanna get out of bed may have helped) the film flowed well the story line has stood the test of time. This film contains a bit of everything romance, comedy, drama, music, and its all done very well. Gotta love it when the nuns reveal the stolen nazi car parts!! Plus i have developed a crush on Julie Andrews!

4 stars

Film 37 The life before her eyes,

Uma Thurman plays a woman who begins to question her life and her sanity on the 15th anniversary of a tragic high school shooting. Okay interesting concept for a film but it didnt quite work in my eyes, the story flicks between present day and the shooting. its all a little confusing maybe i should watch it again to give it a second chance but on first viewing i struggled to be captivated by this film at all. The ending has a really interesting twist which explains a lot, it also has some really poweful scenes but could have been soo much better!

2 stars

Film 38 the back up plan,

So J-lo plays a woman who has given up on finding love and decides to get artificially inseminated, then she meets the man of her dreams... Okay so i thought this was a fairly modern and original story line it came as welcome light hearted entertainment after watching the previous film plus its pretty good by J-lo's standards! Its never going to win any oscars but it does what it says on the tin!

3 stars

Film 39 Love Story,

Okay this film was made in  the seventies and follow the lives of two young people from opposite backgrounds who fall in love, and the trials and tribulations that life throws at them. This film looked and felt very dated the story line is basic and sweet. The performances were pretty standard and nothing really sets this film alight i'd pretty much forgotten most of this movie the moment it ended not one i would recommend.

2 stars

Film 40 Ghost

Okay i know what your thinking how have i never seen this film before! but truth is i have never wanted to watch it which is bit of a shame because i really enjoyed it. Right storyline time, Patrick Swayze is killed during a mugging but his love for demi moore allows him to stay on earth as a ghost but noone can see or hear him except for psychic Whoopie goldberg. Okay this film was really good i enjoyed it from start to finish and believed in the character and has some pretty iconic scenes but obviously i dont need to tell you this!

4 stars

So another 5 down and plenty more to go, i have realised the joys of this challenge are discovering films that i may never have watched before but some of the nightmares are sitting through some of the worst films ever made!

Hope you enjoyed the latest update, it may be a little short and sweet but hay such is life!

Dont forget leave comments send me messages all feed back welcomed and encouraged so i know its not just my mum reading this! hi mum x

Peace and Love xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

film 31-35 im in the zone!

Welcome to another fantastic update by yours truly! so im finally recovered from the birthday celebrations, and chickflicks are almost a good way to spend a Saturday if i cant play rugby.

Plus chick-flicks seem to compliment my hangovers :)

have been recieving some positive feed back from you guys but i need more!

so what fantastic chick flicks do we have in store for today? well to be honest with have bit of a mixed batch so lets get this party started

Film 31 Julie and Julia,

Blogger julie powell sets herself a challenge in 2002 to cook all the recipes in Julia Childs first book... Sound familiar? the film cuts between julies accounts of her challenge and julia's accounts of writing the book, meryl streep is amazing as the pretty larger than life julia childs, i quite enjoyed this film not a lot happens but its a sweet tale and you really get to love the characters the fact that they are real people makes it all the more enjoyable.

3 stars

Film 32 hope floats,

Okay so Sandra Bullock returns home to the small town in texas after a painfull divorce, meets Harry connick Jr. This Film is really dull, the characters were pretty okay at best. Even Sandra Bullock struggled to hold my attention. I get the feeling the film wasnt quite sure what direction it wanted to go in so it kinda stagnates. However all that said the ending is good and wrapped things up nicely, almost made a bad film worth watching!

1.5 stars (purely becuase of the ending)

Film 33 My Life in Ruins,

Nia Vardalos, the chick from my big fat greek wedding plays a frustrated tour guide in greece, who rediscovers her romantic side. Another film i wasn't expecting to enjoy as much as i did. Once you learn to look past the massive tourism advert for greece that is. the film is pretty standard stuff, but its done well the comedy is light and breezy and the characters are loveable and interesting. This film is a good example that a film dosen't have to be a blockbuster, it just has to entertain.

3 stars

Film 34 Its complicated,

It must be prove Andy wrong week again another film i watched without expecteing to enjoy. But i'll happily watch this film again! It follows Meryl Streep as a woman just getting over her divorce when she meets architect Steve Martin, She may also be sleeping with Alec Baldwin (her Ex) This film was really good and really funny. I really enjoyed the scene were they all get stoned at a party, comedy gold. The charcters were strong and so were the performances from the three main actors. Credit to dirctor Nancy Meyers for making one of your more intelligent rom-coms.

4 stars

Film 35 How to be,

After being won over by Robert Patterson in "Remember me" he goes and lets him self down in this poor excuse for a film. He plays a guy who is depressed and a bit pants at life in general. who hires a self help guru to move in with him and his family. This film tried so hard to be indie and twee that it forgot that it was supposed t entertain as well. the concept had potential, but the execution, EPIC FAIL! i debated with myself if this was a real chick-flick but since it is soo poor the only people that would watch it are the R-Patts elite so yes it counts.

1 star

Right so thats another 5 films watched reviewed and rated! Bit of a mixed bag, this week but i think its safe to say im getting there, so for the delay in updating life is getting quite busy right now but i will try harder to keep onb top of this thing,

Also as i have been writitng this i have had my super sweet sixteen on in the background  i hate this show but didnt wanna watch something that would distract me too much, but  is it wrong to really enjoy the bits when things go wrong and the brat freaks out?? rich people should be encouraged to hit their children... hard.

right enough social satire im off to spend another lovely day wasting away in work. Again please leave comments, like or just let me know what you think of my ramblings. Suggestions are welcomed and will be taken on board plus feel free to lend me films!!

Peace and Love xx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

films 26-30....

Okay so after a quality week off im back with another update for your reading pleasure! its taken longer than i expected, but im pretty sure thats been due to my birthday celebrations. I know this has nothing to do with films or chick flicks but i went to see frank turner the other day quite possibly one of the best gigs i have ever been too it was in a little church in Bristol, it was simply amazing!!

Also as part of my week long birthday celebrations i did sit down and watch a fair few chick-flicks, this is becoming an obsession!

Right on to business...

Film 26 The thing called love,