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films 41-45...

After the amazing response to yesterdays update i found it fitting to crack on with another update! obviously you know the drill by now if you like what you read tell your friends leave comments etc, i would like to know how i can make this better,

Chick-flicks are starting to take over my life but its all good still enjoying the challenge even if it is becoming an obsession! so in the words of the black eyed peas "lets get this party started!" see im hip!

Film 41 Candy,

Heath ledger takes the lead in this tale of two lovers addicted to heroin as much as each other, and there attempt to live a normal life. Think trainspotting meets romeo and juliet and your on the right track. The characters in this film are really strong and its there underlying goodness that makes you feel for them as their lives spiral out of control. "Everything we ever did we did with the best of intentions." Not for the faint hearted, but a really good piece of film.

4 stars

Film 42 Meet Joe Black,

Anthony hopkins plays bill, a very successful millionaire, but his time has come, Brad Pitt plays death who turns up to collect him, they make a deal where bill will show death what life is like on earth in exhange for a little extra time. Brad Pitt is awesome in this film, the pure wide eyed innocence of seeing the world for the first time is truely heart warming, The message in this film is purely to not take life for granted and to enjoy the little things especially peanut butter! i was captivated for the whole 3hours of this film a must see!

"Mulitply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever and you will have a glimpse of what im talking about."

5 stars!

Okay well to slightly epic films down time for something a little more light hearted!

Film 43 Management,

This is a off beat rom com with Jennifer Aniston who plays a travelling art sales person, who tries to shake off flakey hotel manager Steve Zhan who falls for her and wont leave her alone. This film isnt good but its not bad, the characters seem out of place in there own lives and maybe in there roles but this does give the film a slight endearing quality which makes this film watchable. I have started to enjoy the different ways writers keep coming up with the boy meets girl formula. Maybe im just in a good mood?

3 stars

Film 44 Extract,

First up this movie was written and directed by mike jusge the same gut that brought you Beavis and butthead and king of the hill. Jason Bateman owns an extract plant where he finds himself in more and more unusual situations, weather its setting his wife up to see if she will cheat, or having an affair with mila kunis. Ben Affleck sports a dodgy haircut as his drug fueld side kick. Another film that does exactly what you expect, nothing more nothing less.moments of comedy mixed with drama etc etc another sold 3 star effort

3 stars

Film 45 Dear John,

i was quite looking forward to this film im not sure why but it looked quite sweet in the trailors i guess. Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried fall in home whilst Channing is home on leave from the army and his special forces unit. The pair keep incontact through letters. Channings character John is the one that makes this film, the hardships throughout his life which he usually deals with in good grace.  The film is pretty good, again strong likeable characters. Still unsure if i like the ending or not but a faily good soppy love story

4 Stars

another 5 films in the bag, still taking me a while to get used to this blogging malarky. so what you guys think so far?

getting ever closer to the big FIVE O and that would be a fifth  of the challenge done you like my maths there?

Right time for breakfast and to get on with my day! as ever please leave feedback all messages are greatfully recieved.

Peace and Love xx

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