Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Films 36 - 40......

Hello there, time for another instalment of the 250 chick-flick challenge! first things first i updated the layout and colour schemes etc what you guys think? as always feed back is always appreciated.

sooo where was i?? ah yes chick-flicks! okay lets get straight down to it the first film this week was one i have tried to watch before but i have never managed to watch it all the way through, not even half way! it is a long film after all. So picture this its a sunday morning and i wake up far too early for my liking turn on the tv and discover this film is just starting. In my infinite wisdom i decide to watch the film hoping i will get bored and go back to sleep, i have never been so wrong! i had no intention of attempting this film for the challenge but since i watched all 3 hours of it its in!

Film 36 The sound of music,

Right so we all know the story, Julie Andrews plays a nun who leaves the convent to be a governess to the children of a naval officer. I actually really enjoyed this film it pains me to say, it was a touch long, but it held my attention well (the fact i really didnt wanna get out of bed may have helped) the film flowed well the story line has stood the test of time. This film contains a bit of everything romance, comedy, drama, music, and its all done very well. Gotta love it when the nuns reveal the stolen nazi car parts!! Plus i have developed a crush on Julie Andrews!

4 stars

Film 37 The life before her eyes,

Uma Thurman plays a woman who begins to question her life and her sanity on the 15th anniversary of a tragic high school shooting. Okay interesting concept for a film but it didnt quite work in my eyes, the story flicks between present day and the shooting. its all a little confusing maybe i should watch it again to give it a second chance but on first viewing i struggled to be captivated by this film at all. The ending has a really interesting twist which explains a lot, it also has some really poweful scenes but could have been soo much better!

2 stars

Film 38 the back up plan,

So J-lo plays a woman who has given up on finding love and decides to get artificially inseminated, then she meets the man of her dreams... Okay so i thought this was a fairly modern and original story line it came as welcome light hearted entertainment after watching the previous film plus its pretty good by J-lo's standards! Its never going to win any oscars but it does what it says on the tin!

3 stars

Film 39 Love Story,

Okay this film was made in  the seventies and follow the lives of two young people from opposite backgrounds who fall in love, and the trials and tribulations that life throws at them. This film looked and felt very dated the story line is basic and sweet. The performances were pretty standard and nothing really sets this film alight i'd pretty much forgotten most of this movie the moment it ended not one i would recommend.

2 stars

Film 40 Ghost

Okay i know what your thinking how have i never seen this film before! but truth is i have never wanted to watch it which is bit of a shame because i really enjoyed it. Right storyline time, Patrick Swayze is killed during a mugging but his love for demi moore allows him to stay on earth as a ghost but noone can see or hear him except for psychic Whoopie goldberg. Okay this film was really good i enjoyed it from start to finish and believed in the character and has some pretty iconic scenes but obviously i dont need to tell you this!

4 stars

So another 5 down and plenty more to go, i have realised the joys of this challenge are discovering films that i may never have watched before but some of the nightmares are sitting through some of the worst films ever made!

Hope you enjoyed the latest update, it may be a little short and sweet but hay such is life!

Dont forget leave comments send me messages all feed back welcomed and encouraged so i know its not just my mum reading this! hi mum x

Peace and Love xx

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