Saturday, 25 June 2011

films 46 to 50!!!! we are getting there!!!!!!!

Welcome back after another long gap in updates i do apologise, will try to be a bit more regular with this thing but life is pretty hectic at the moment! however the challenge will except no excuses!

Before we move on to the reviews i just wanted to talk about a show i have recently discovered, that i maybe a little obsessed with its called Man V Food, its presented by Adam Richman who is my hero he basically travels around America eating some of the greatest dirty sexy food! its on the good food channel all the time. check it out and tell me what you think!!

Also this week i have been to two rugby presentation nights the second of which saw Barry 2nds collect our trophy for winning the league! so this blog is now written by a champion! it was a really great night out and thanks to all involved.

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Also i have noticed that the comment box remains empty so to encourage someone to actually leave one i have decided the first person to leave a comment wins a trip to the cinema with yours truley to watch a chickflick! i may even throw in some popcorn!! (orange wednesdays of course!)

Right enough waffle and self promotion!

Film 46 your so cupid,

Okay so twin sisters in high school who love to play matchmaker, fall for the same guy. the once inseperable twins turn rivals in a bid to win his affections, oh and their dad used to be cupid (the guy with the bow and arrows) the film starts off light and breezy but soon becomes silly and annoying. i understand that the target audience for this film maybe teen girls but surely we should give them more credit thanb this tripe? no? the plot was waek at best and the characters were not very believable or likeable. about half way through this film i started to look forward to slating it in my blog!

2 stars

Film 47 Breakfast at Tiffanys,

This film follows Audrey Hepburn a New york socialite who chases after rich men, when she meets George Peppard (yes Hannibal smith from the A-team!) the two do some flirting for an hour an a half, and thats this film in a nut shell, i quite enjoyed it thought the film had a certain class and elegance to it plus Audrey's a fittie! And steels the show with her rendition of moon river. This film i think is a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it!

4 stars

Film 48 Failure to launch,

Matthew McConaughey plays a 30 somthing slacker who still lives at home with his parents. showing no desire to move out his parents decide to hire sarah jeesica parker a interventionist who believes she caqn get him to moveout... Pretty original storyline and quite a well known cast throughout this film. Especially Zooey Deschanel who is amazing as sarah's deadpan friend, I especially love the scene where she tries to buy a gun to kill a mocking bird. comedy gold. as for the rest of the film was pretty standard stuff but good at being average!

3 stars

The next film is one of my friend jens favourite films. Ever since the challenge began she said i should watch it, to be honest i was a little sceptical at first but with some of the trash i have watched i thought i'd give it a go so one night instead of hitting live lounge we decided to stay in with a bottle of wine or three and watch Film 49...

Film 49 Rent,

This is a film version of the musical rent it follows eight friends who live in new york city struggling with life, love and aids, This film is a really rollercoaster of emotions from the high highs to the lowest of lows it really does have it all the cast are really good and the characters were not only believable but lovelable and kept you hooked. some of the scenes in this film are really powerful and moved me more than once. singing about sorrow is a lot move moving han talking about it!

5 stars

Film 50 Moulan Rouge,

a poet falls for a coutesan whom a jealous duke is producing his play. i really not sure about this film and feel i should watched it a second time maybe because i was tired but i really didnt get it, it all seemed a little bit too bizarre for my liking i did enjoy ewan's version of elton johns your song but the rest of this film i struggled to get into,

2.5 stars (i struggled to come up with a rating because it was so strange)

So finally hit the big 50!! thank you, thank you, your too kind!

Whilst we are on a musical number i went to see avenue q on friday. It was quite simply amazing one of the funniest things i have seen in a while If you get the chance to see it you should you wont be disappointed. think sesame street for adults and your half way there!!


Cheers guys

Peace and Love xx

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  1. hope your not too busy with your chick flicks to got for a beer when im back in about a week and a half.....if need be ill take you up on your offer and join you to watch a chick flick at the pictures.....hmm how youve changed...hahaha....see you in a while buddy!!
    keep up the good work with the blog...its must be hard going!!