Wednesday, 8 June 2011

film 31-35 im in the zone!

Welcome to another fantastic update by yours truly! so im finally recovered from the birthday celebrations, and chickflicks are almost a good way to spend a Saturday if i cant play rugby.

Plus chick-flicks seem to compliment my hangovers :)

have been recieving some positive feed back from you guys but i need more!

so what fantastic chick flicks do we have in store for today? well to be honest with have bit of a mixed batch so lets get this party started

Film 31 Julie and Julia,

Blogger julie powell sets herself a challenge in 2002 to cook all the recipes in Julia Childs first book... Sound familiar? the film cuts between julies accounts of her challenge and julia's accounts of writing the book, meryl streep is amazing as the pretty larger than life julia childs, i quite enjoyed this film not a lot happens but its a sweet tale and you really get to love the characters the fact that they are real people makes it all the more enjoyable.

3 stars

Film 32 hope floats,

Okay so Sandra Bullock returns home to the small town in texas after a painfull divorce, meets Harry connick Jr. This Film is really dull, the characters were pretty okay at best. Even Sandra Bullock struggled to hold my attention. I get the feeling the film wasnt quite sure what direction it wanted to go in so it kinda stagnates. However all that said the ending is good and wrapped things up nicely, almost made a bad film worth watching!

1.5 stars (purely becuase of the ending)

Film 33 My Life in Ruins,

Nia Vardalos, the chick from my big fat greek wedding plays a frustrated tour guide in greece, who rediscovers her romantic side. Another film i wasn't expecting to enjoy as much as i did. Once you learn to look past the massive tourism advert for greece that is. the film is pretty standard stuff, but its done well the comedy is light and breezy and the characters are loveable and interesting. This film is a good example that a film dosen't have to be a blockbuster, it just has to entertain.

3 stars

Film 34 Its complicated,

It must be prove Andy wrong week again another film i watched without expecteing to enjoy. But i'll happily watch this film again! It follows Meryl Streep as a woman just getting over her divorce when she meets architect Steve Martin, She may also be sleeping with Alec Baldwin (her Ex) This film was really good and really funny. I really enjoyed the scene were they all get stoned at a party, comedy gold. The charcters were strong and so were the performances from the three main actors. Credit to dirctor Nancy Meyers for making one of your more intelligent rom-coms.

4 stars

Film 35 How to be,

After being won over by Robert Patterson in "Remember me" he goes and lets him self down in this poor excuse for a film. He plays a guy who is depressed and a bit pants at life in general. who hires a self help guru to move in with him and his family. This film tried so hard to be indie and twee that it forgot that it was supposed t entertain as well. the concept had potential, but the execution, EPIC FAIL! i debated with myself if this was a real chick-flick but since it is soo poor the only people that would watch it are the R-Patts elite so yes it counts.

1 star

Right so thats another 5 films watched reviewed and rated! Bit of a mixed bag, this week but i think its safe to say im getting there, so for the delay in updating life is getting quite busy right now but i will try harder to keep onb top of this thing,

Also as i have been writitng this i have had my super sweet sixteen on in the background  i hate this show but didnt wanna watch something that would distract me too much, but  is it wrong to really enjoy the bits when things go wrong and the brat freaks out?? rich people should be encouraged to hit their children... hard.

right enough social satire im off to spend another lovely day wasting away in work. Again please leave comments, like or just let me know what you think of my ramblings. Suggestions are welcomed and will be taken on board plus feel free to lend me films!!

Peace and Love xx

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